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Bathroom Renovation

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Effortless Bathroom Renovation

For a bathroom renovation, it’s best to seek expert help to add luxury and value to your home. Undertaking such a project oneself can be tricky and costly, leading to spiralling expenses and time delays. At DESA RENOVATIONS, we offer exceptional bathroom design and execution services across the UAE. With our transparent fee structure and wealth of experience, we ensure a stress-free renovation experience for your home or business.

Bathroom Renovation process

Desa Renovations' bathroom renovation process is comprehensive, focusing on functionality, aesthetics, and durability for tailored, practical, and beautiful spaces.

Our experts apply high-quality waterproofing to walls, floors, and shower areas as the first step in any bathroom renovation project, ensuring longevity and preventing water damage.
Leveling bathroom floors with concrete screeding, providing a solid base for new tile installation.
Applying plastering to bathroom walls creating a smooth surface prior to tile installation.

Installation of floor and wall tiles on the entire bathroom area for a durable and attractive finish in your bathroom renovation project.

Installation of MEP systems for new bathroom fixtures, ensuring proper functioning of plumbing, lighting, and ventilation for your comfort and convenience.
Installation of new sanitaryware such as toilets, wash basins, showers, and bathtubs, ensuring proper placement and functionality for your convenience and comfort.
Installation and painting of false ceilings to enhance your bathroom's aesthetic appeal, ensuring a seamless and attractive finish for your bathroom renovation project.
Installation of glass shower enclosures, mirrors, and other glass features, adding elegance and functionality to your bathroom renovation project.
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